Friday, October 03, 2008

Day 2 Hari Raya 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words. SO BEWARE OF TONS OF PICTURES BELOW!!! Wakakaka... lazy to write so much. Let the pictures do the talking... Woke up. Pee-pee. Brush teeth. Pack clothes. Greet Mum and kkjm Sr. Wear shoes. Warm car engine. Drive. Pick up CM. Drive to Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh.

Reach there. Park the car. Go Restaurant Kong Mah. Order dim sum and drink. Wait. Talk cock. Drinks lai. Sip-sip and continue talk today's plan. Dim sum come. Pick-pick dim sum. Then eat lor. Called lady boss. CM paid money. *thank you for the breakfast!!! Chat with lady boss. Ciao go take care.



Drive-drive. Re-fill petrol. Drive again. Go in tunnel. Come out tunnel. Reach Bentong. Make wrong turn. Decide to detour to visit the Kolam Air Panas Bentong. No cars. Winding road. Speed-speed. Drive like Initial D!!!

Reach there. Park the car. Look around. Not many people. Very quiet. Lock car. Walk-walk toward the hot spring. A bit secluded area. A few families just arrived. Children laughter. Walk around the pond. Lots of algae. Look a bit dirty.

Saw uncle swim. Water looks green-green. Got 1 uncle dive somemore. The other side got youngster making hu-ha. Walk there see got lengluis to wash eye. Fail. Put leg in the pond. Test-test water. Water really warm!!! Leg washed. Time to ciao...

CM saw bridge opposite the area. Run-run there. Walk across the bridge. A suspension bridge. Jump-jump hard on the bridge. Try to sway left right. No fun. So ciao...

Start car engine. Drive again to Bentong town. Not many cars. Follow sign board. Chamang Falls fucking deep deep. Small road. Not many cars. Reach there already many people. Park car. Go down look see look see.

People mountain people sea. Uncles, aunties, cousins, grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers, mothers and children all come. Walk here and there. Nice place. Can feel cold breeze. Nice view. Serene. Nature. Tranquility.

Water cold. Rocks slippery. Becareful when walking and climbing. Got people cook tea there. Drink tea while enjoy the waterfall.

Walk walk. Tired. Stop. Look for place to lepak. CM fak hao. Show off legs. White legs. Sexy? Hahahaha!! Test water. Water very cold. Soak legs in water for while.

Washed and soaked liao. Take photos here and there. Including white legs. Make faces. Make funny poses. Click here and there. Nothing more to do. Decide go down follow the stream.

Walk down. Saw another family there. Not much rocks. CM like rocks!!! Dunno why. Asked her!! Yeah, ON THE ROCKS!!! Full of awesomeness... Sound kinky. Rock hard like rock??? Hahaha...

Saw another suspension bridge lead to camping side. Go explore. Collect sandals. Walk walk to bridge. Saw Indian uncles go swim-swim.

Reach bridge. Saw signboard. Read for while. Continue walk the bridge. Nothing to see. Go back to take car. Drive again. Long journey. Detour a few times. Next destination hard to find. Long never ending roads here and there.

At last, reach Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary. Park car. Already many people. Register and get sticker. Yellow stickers finished since 11am. WTF. Left red sticker. Yellow sticker can ride and bathe the elephants. Red sticker only feed, see and touch elephants. Wasted. Miss elephant ride.

Walk into the area. Many tourist. Japanese. Germany. Hongkies. Kwai Los. And others. People mountain people sea.

Elephants here and there. Elephants here and there. Elephants here and there. Elephants here and there.Elephants here and there. Elephants here and there. Elephants here and there. Elephants here and there.

Saw 1 small elephant on the river with keepers. Not sure do what. Maybe bring elephant walk-walk and take bath. Elephant naughty. Playful. People take photos.

Keepers shout shout elephant come home. Elephant maybe notti or playful. Don't want to go home. Try to climb river bank. Bank too steep. Elephant too heavy.

Feeding time. Rush to take smelly fruits. Feed elephants. Many elephants to be feed. Happy. Elephants happy. Tourists happy. People happy.

Nothing to do. No yellow sticker. Only red sticker. So take photos with elephants with peace sign. Hand smelly because smelly fruits. While feeding, touch elephant trunks. Slimy!!! Touch elephant tongues also. Soft, slimy and smelly!!! Hahahaha!!!

Time for elephant riding for yellow sticker. Keepers released elephants. Keepers ride elephants to the riding station.

People with yellow stickers line up for the elephant rides. People with red stickers watch elephant riding from far far. Make small rounds only. Not long ride. Maybe scared elephants tired or runaway to jungle. Then, got thunder sound from far far. Decide to leave. Scare rain-rain come.

When take car. Elephant bathing time. Many kwai los with yellow stickers change clothes. Swimming trunks and bikinis. Look from far far. People laughing. Elephants carry people and then drop people on the river. Everybody having fun. Smile here and there. Go back take care and head to Deer Farm.

Drive- drive. See-see the Deer Farm closed. WTF!!! After drive deep deep only know Deer Farm FUCKING CLOSED. Cannot see sunny bear and deers. Halfway the journey. Saw people with big-big camera. Stop and go down to busybody. See-see take birds photo. Incredible!!! Since, Deer Farm closed, mah go back home. Drive fast fast down the Karak highway like orang gila. BMW and Mercs also give way. Maybe scare. It was raining. Dunno got kena saman or not. Reach 1 Utama. Hungry. Stop by to jalan-jalan and wash eyes.

Hungry. Dunno what to eat. Later need to have dinner. So get Rotiboy and chicken sandwiches. Look at CM. Greedy. Eat 2 things at one go!!! Eat eat walk walk. Time to go home. Rush home coz auntie come visit from Alor Setar. Send CM home then dinner outside. Exhausted and fun!!! CM got T-shirt from Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary as souviner. Wicked statement on the T-shirt. Like it. Suit me!!! Thanks, CM!!!

Yeah!!! Fat is BEAUTIFUL!!! Don't play play.

Elephant on the back... Nice!!!


Messy D said...

nice t-shirt! cute elephants :)

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

LOL!!! THanks...