Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dating on Saturaday... With MUM!!!

Last Saturday, was Mum's Outing Day. Other than IKEA, where else to bring a mum so can do her selection of households and shopping. It was a tough and tedious *bluek* though as I kept pestering and annoying Mum to get her ass of the house and have fun. It was like this, the night before, was at Cineleisure to catch Max Payne the movie, which was a BIG FUCKING LETDOWN but did expected it was SO TERRIBLY BAD!!! Anyway, let's skip that part. I bought a padlock from Tesco for my gym locker as I lost mine recently. Early early morning, woke up, Mum already questioning whether did I got Curve last night and did I dropped by IKEA to get her stuff she wanted me to get. Told her I did not have time to look for it and get it for her. Hahahahah!!! So as a filial son, like kkjm, decide to date Mum for whole Saturday at Curve. BTW, it seems Curve, Cineleisure and IKEA have become my second home lorr..... Wakakakkaka!!!

Reach there around 12 something. Walk around Curve and Cineleisure. Also brought Mum to the flea market. After jalan-jalan, walk over to IKANO before continue to IKEA...

The container above, it the one which Mum asked to keep an eye for as it was out of stocked the last time I was there. It took awhile to decide to get or not. After long, I meant it was really long, before she decide not to get it. Mum decide to get JARS pulak!!! Hahahaha... she said more durable and longer lasting. Mum will always be a MUM!!! Got some plates also.

y the time finished shopping, I was already damn hungry. Purposely "WAT" my sister to belanja Mum and me lunch!!! *evil grin* Intro Mum to eat Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks especially the Oyster Mee Sua. I got myself XXL Deep Fried Chicken Ricebox and Sis got herself XXL Deep Fried Chicken. After eat-eat, drove down to Kelana Jaya's Gaint as Mum need to get some groceries.

The XXL Deep Fried Chicken below, it not from that day. Dunno when I took it. Think when the day I watched Eagle Eye with CM. Check out her hand compare to the Fried Chicken!!! *fainted* Damn small!!!

JARSSSS!!!! For coffee, me and tea!!! :)

Got myself a pair new slippers and perfume for my car. Mum has already been nagging me to change my slippers for years!!!! At last, got one... no more nagging... Kekekekeke!!! BTW, boy oh boy, the car perfume getting more expensive these days... due to oil crissis?

Rest for awhile before headed out again to meet up with HandsomeGuy to get camera from him. Then, dinner at Puchong and yamcha cum smoking session at Halo Cafe at Sunway Pyramid after visiting Saisore's new home. Nice cafe with nice cold cappuciono. Highly recommended!!!

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