Friday, October 03, 2008

Day 1 Hari Raya 2008

Yiipppeee.... Hari Raya lor... Felt like this year Hari Raya has been toned down. Maybe because of the economy and the increasing cost of living. When petrol goes up, everything also goes up. But when petrol goes down, nothing goes down!!! NMGCCB!!! How to survive wor!!! Wakakaka!!! Anyway, planned to Pahang on first day of Raya, but did not as most of the places are closed on the first day. So decided to jalan-jalan at Midvalley. Not been there since ages!!! Went out for breakfast with Mum, kkjm Sr and Sister in Klang before go look for CM. Traffic was great!!! Kekeke!!! Nothing much or special happened in Midvalley. Still people mountain people sea. But mostly Chinese!!! Wakakakaka...

First stop in Midvalley, of course is my favourite shop or stop, which is pet shop lor... Ngam-ngam went there, the puppies and doggies were let out running in the confined area. Totally full of awesomeness and cuteness... Mmmhhhhh, when can I get one!!! *scratch-scratch my hands* Next, it was time to grab something to eat. CM already begging me to feed her as her stomach is growling. Kekekee!!! Brought her food hunting here and there and at last, decided to eat at Secret Recipes.

Nothing much happened. Accompany CM to look for jeans, then walk-walk around. Was busy hunting for new sandals. But none catches my heart. Mum has already been nagging to get a new pair of sandals since Chinese New Year!!! *fainted* Keng mou!!!??? Wakakka... Check out the figurines outside Nike outlet. Totally cool!!!

Left Midvalley early evening. Reach home rest and do some talking cock session with CM before go dinner. Dinner was on ME!!! Yeah, you heard me!!! I BELANJA!!! Wakakaka... just to celebrate Dad's birthday long long ago on September. Indirectly, small family gathering and outing. Dinner did not cost me a bomb. Did talk and talk and talk before go home. CM lost in the middle of the conversation... Wakakaka.. good for you!!! At least, you won't know when I cursed about you!!! *bluek*. Next stop, Pahang!!!


Yinsi Yat said...

Went to Midvalley kap lui say so lah. Muahahahaaha

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

LOL... sssshhhhh... dun say out loud!!! wakakkaa... but that day really got many sui cha bor!!!