Friday, March 14, 2008

What Happen to Samy??!!!

As we know Samy has left us for good. Why don't SEND him away with a catchy farewell song!!!

Since, Samy now looking for job. He got his resume updated and asked one of my friend, to look around for suitable job. He know I and my friend are best buddy. He asked my friend to pull some string for him as he know I was looking for someone to take care one of my many many properties. Check out his resume below.


Date prepared: 8 March 2008(12.00 am)

Personal Particular

Name: Samy Vellu

Age: 72

Sex: Male

Race: Please see my name

Correspondence address: Kementerian Kerjaraya, Putra Jaya.( Not valid after 10 March 2008)

Contact Number: N/A

Highest Education

1. LCE @ Sijil Rendah Pelajaran Malaysia (SRP)

Working Experience

1. As work minister for 30 years

2. MIC leader for 30 years


1. Increase Toll fee & set up new toll

2. Proposal to solve Parliament building water leakage issue-(Project failed due to technical error, not my fault)

3. Proposal to Solve traffic congestion in Penang bridge by introducing Helicopter to lift the break down / accident car ( Project cancel due to technical error, not my fault)

4. Won in Election (Sg. Siput) for 30 years consecutive. (Lost in 2008 election due to technical error, not my fault)

Personal Strength:

1. Good interpersonal skill – Able to communicate well & respect by all level of people.

2. Good problem solving skill – by denying all faults

Expected salary: Not important (As long as I get a job…)


1. HINDRAF members

2. People of Sungai Siput

So when friend need help, we must help lor. Somemore without Samy we wont have bridge collapse, highway crack here and there or need to work our ass off to pay for some stupid highway which jam most of the time!!! *fainted* So as a goodwill, I got him this job. Not bad jor, at least he got job!!! Somemore related to his experience and expertise!!! Don't play play!!! Ok lar, time to visit my dreamland. Hail to power of the people!!!

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