Sunday, March 09, 2008

Caramell Dance Away Monday Blues with StormTrooper

Caramell Dance or Caramelldansen is not something new for me. It was a big hit at YouTube. I think the Caramelldansen thing has been around for a while but for some reason it has only recently started to infect me. I got infected because of the freaking awesome dancing StormTrooper!!! Damn it, he is good. Danny came out with a new video on Caramelldanse!!! Totally awesome and wicked!!! So you guys out there are you infected with Caramelldansen? I know I did.

BTW, check out the most of the Caramelldansen variations on YouTube. I just love my favourite anime cartoon characters doing the Caramelldansen. Happy working, though... *sweat* Let's dance Lee, Gaara, Tobi and Diedara...


cc said...

ahaha, so cute. GAARA~~

Messy Daisy said...

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