Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tuesday Videos Galore

Check out new Snickers Spot ad by Spy Films. Totally cool and awesome.

Have you seen before how strong and powerful mother nature is? Be afraid!!! Check out the humongous Airbus 320 been sway one side by strong wind. The Lufthansa Airbus 320 (flight LH44) from Munich experienced wingstrike while landing at Hamburg on 1 March 2008 during Emma storm. Thank god nobody was injured and the plane landed safely using another runway.

How to say FROG??? Please dun FUCK me!!! Wakakaka... the lil girl is so lovely and innocent!!! Lil girl is asked to say "frog" but hear what she says instead! VERY FUNNY!!! Very cute, but at the same time, somewhat shocking!!! Wakkakakaa...

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cc said...

the snickers adv is very cool. The plane is so very scary! the pilot is good!