Thursday, April 17, 2008

STREAMYX Freaking Sucks and Troublesome!!!

Helloooo!!!! Thank god my Streamyx is back and running since last Friday!!! Damn it!!! I know everybody also know how bad is our Streamyx services and alway there is someone in Malaysia will be ranting about it. Hey, let me jump into the boat and fucking rant about it. My Streamyx was down since last Friday, so I called up the customer service nicely talk about this. She told me that there is humongous breakdown at their side and I will not need to make any report cause everything will be take care of. She even told me there is 7000 other users having the same problem and Streamyx will be up no time!!! Personally I think this is all crap!!! How dumb of me to trust her!!! Waited till Monday, Streamyx still down. NO CHOICE but to call up the customer service center to straighten thing up and get to the bottom of this fucking problem. Guess what??!!! The person that "entertained" me told me that now the Streamyx is doing fine and I'm the only asshole who still having problem with it. She told me that she will create a report for on this. I was dumbfucked!!! Now only I need a report to be file in!!! AND I FUCKING NEED TO WAIT ANOTHER 2 WORKING DAYS for the technician to look into this problem!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!! Then she goes on tell me to check here and there to verify the failure. I was pissed, straight I told her I did all this (which I did not :P) and I been thru this process so fucking many times since I got my StreamyX. She was shocked and quietly process my complaint. Hahahahaha!!!!

Anyway, here comes the fun part, yesterday a technician or should i say subcontractor came over to my house to check on my Streamyx. Verifying here and there and told me that the problem is not from me. FUCK YOU!!! You should know it better and I know it too without you telling me!!! I'm not dumb like you!!! You should fucking checking the port or whatsoever from your side before coming to my fucking house to verify the problem. Please do your homework first before you jump to conclusion!!!! He left and dunno go where fixed the problem. By the evening, my Streamyx is alive again!!! I was happy but it was temporary till my grand aunt from US tried to call us but can't get thru. I found out that now my fixed telephone line is down!!! So let me jump to a conclusion like a unreasonable bastard, I FUCKING SURE THIS HAPPENED DUE TO FIXING MY STREAMYX!!! Streamyx up and now my phone line is down!!! How pathetic!!!

So you folks out there face this kind problem? Tell me what should I do?? Who should I bang for this fucking shit for happening!!! :)

SO FUCK YOU, TMNUT!!! Rage!!! Rage!!! Rage!!!

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cc said...

I agree, the service is @#$#%@#%$.