Monday, April 21, 2008

Freeze For World Earth Day

Let's freeze for our world sake and our mother earth sake!!! Wakakaka!!! Interesting event and glad that it did make it to Malaysia!!! Woooohhhooo!!! Check out more freeze event from around the world at youtube. You'll be surprise and astonish!!! Totally cool!!! Anyway, last Friday, HHTHJM decide we should join this event show our support at Sunway Pyramid. Guess what? We did went there to show our support. You just need to freeze for 4mins only!!! No more than that... just freeze to save the world and save enegry. This reminds Madonna feat JT latest song - 4 Minutes (to Save the World).

Me and CM arrived there early to avoid the congestion at parking lot. There was some confusion happen at first!!! I got screwed by my first and second wife!!! Damn it!!! Wakakaka!!! Initially, we plan to meet up at Starbuck at 7:30 pm, but my first wife told me no need already and she will call me when time come to gather while my second wife was at the other side yelling at me why I have not show up thru SMS!!! Girls and wives's warth!!! Wakakaka!!! Luckly everything falls in nicely into places. Got our flyers and start following the crowd and.... FREEZE!!! FREEZE!!! FREEZE!!! Total silent...

Freezing for 4 minutes seems eternity and a bit lame though. Wakaka!! But it is for a good cause. So what the hell!!! Lucky, we came a loads of friends and wives!!! Luckily, HHTHJM able to make as she was late. *sweat* Hahahahah!!! After the freeze, we went over to Kim Gary for dinner and some drinks before headed home.

Save Energy by Freezing People & Power

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cc said...

It was fun... save the energy save the world!