Monday, November 19, 2007

Slow Week with Emptiness Killing Me Slowly

Last week was one of the worst of week of working life. Although nothing much happened, I felt something is missing. The feeling of EMPTINESS is killing me slowly. What should I do now? What should I hope for now? What should I hunger for? Just this fucking sicken feeling stirring my emotion lately!!! Damn fucking weird feeling!!! Am I drowning into modern slavery or I need to someone shower me with love? Or I really to make changes in my life boldly? Cut the crap and get things done? But I dumbfucked now!!! I dunno where to start!!! Dunno what should I do now!!! Change in career? Fall in love? Stay alone and become independent? Or go fuck myself upside down? Damn it!!! I drowning and lost my way. Hope I can see the a tiny white light in the end of long fucking tunnel so it can guide me back to the correct path. Hope to felt blessed with all I have!!! Help me GOD? I really meant it, GOD!!!

Ok, crap about that. Last Friday, just 3 of us went for dinner as our usual outing. HHTHJM, second wife and myself. Little Angelynn was out of the town. I think she is on vacation to Phuket. Hope she have lots a fun, as she also drowning with heavy workloads. I not sure why it has be so secretive, but maybe she has her own reason. But no matter what, please do get your act together before you get fucked left and right!!!

As usual, 3 of us were working quite late. I was also busy with my freaking work. But as a defaulter, I need to look for somewhere nice to dine. I take this job proudly ok!!! Kekeke.. coz I love to have a new environment to dine and I know the girls can't make their mind. Hahahhahaa!!! I planned to have our dinner at Restaurant Famous Seremban Favourites, Sunway Mas for delicious Hakka Mee and Char Siew. We lost our way looking for the fucking restaurant!!! My fault though, as I forgot to get the address , I thought a map will be sufficient. Must keep in that in mind for future food hunting. Kekeke.. but still fucked the restaurant for closing!!! We did not notice the restaurant as it was dark!!! Damn it!!! Next time, next time!! I will have my revenge!!!

Given no choice, we decide to have dinner nearby as HHTHJM and second wife were damn hungry and tired till second wife sick and look pale for getting wind into her stomach. Must be too hungry. Thank god she felt better after dinner!!! We had our dinner at Tauge Ayam Lou Wong Ipoh Restaurant. Overall the food is quite ok. I love their oily rice. Smell nice and yummilicous but it bit expensive!!! RM1.30 for a plain oily rice. Jeezz!!! We had Ipoh Chicken for 2, bean sprout and some fish and meat ball with soup. After that, I fetched them to Giant for some tid bits for their trip to Hew's wedding!!! BTW, CONGRATULATIONS HEW!!! Sorry, I can't make it. I did planned to get some booze for Friday night after dinner. Heineken Beer served extra cold. Heard it is quite nice and smooth. But the girls were tired. So can't wait till next week!!! I want my BEER served EXTRA COLD!!!!

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