Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Last Weekend... Busy and Odd Weekend for KKJM

Last weekend? Mmmhhh... Where should I started? A busy weekend replying SMS!!! Why?? Not sure you rest out there, but just in 2 days I SMSed more than 200 SMSes to 3 particular girls!!! KKJM rocks!!! Kekeke... anyway, I glad that I found new 3 friends!!! Already went out for a blind date with 1 of them!!! Keng mou?? Hahahaha...

Inside of Leo's Cafe, Bukit Tinggi...

Sharing yummy fun 2gether??!!... Share what!!!

Please take note. It gonna be lengthy and boring post. So if boring, scroll down to wash your eyes on the condoms!!! Kekekeke.. ok back to story telling. Everything started on Saturday evening, when I was on my way attending KC's wedding at Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa, Cyberjaya, I received SMS from GS. Will blog about KC's wedding later before the weekend. I know GS thru a friend that I also don't even know or how she look like. Yeah freaking online friends!!! Hahaha... anyway, it is not like her for SMS me because I know I did chat with her in MSN and she quite cold towards me. Maybe she thought I'm the regular colour wolf, but I think I proved her wrong. Hahaha... anyway we SMSed each other thru out whole night till next Sun morning. Details?? Hahaha.. for me to know, for you to find out!!! She was interested to visit the Eye of Malaysia as she knew I have been there, but too bad we postponed the visit to other days. Maybe 29th of Nov? We SMSed each other till evening before she asked me out for a blind date. For a drink, more precise. Whoa?? What a crazy bitch?? More aggressive that me wor?? I was skeptical and cautious. Not scare meh, later she gang-raped me ler!!! How, tell me how!!! I declined at first because I'm enter unknown territory. I need know when to back-off. She thought I was fooling around with her. I gave in and agree to meet up with her once I know that she need someone to share her problems. NMKCCB still scared mah!!! I have not been Klang for ages!!! Thank god, I able to find where is her house to fetch. Miss couple of turns and viola I reach at her place. First impression of her? Innocent looking girl. Petite. Fair. Long hair. A bit skinny. Quite talkative. Drove around looking somewhere for yam cha. We decide to head out to Bkt Tinggi. The thing farney about her, she seems dunno where to yam cha or know any nice place for drinks. Luckily, we found Leo's cafe. Ordered drinks and she start to pour out her problems. Mmmmhh... I found that girls tend to share their problem. Not sure why? I looked more approachable? My ears are big enough to listen to their problem? Anyone? Please enlighten me. Bad luck. This words has been kept repeating when we talked. Not sure how true. Within 1 month, she lost her laptop, her bag got snatch, injured herself badly in the process and the list goes on. She nearly breakdown. Tears already start rolling down. Gosh, just hate girl cries!!! Try to make her happy. Jokes and talking cock seems help a bit. I told her that Mum told me to becareful when she know I was going out to meet her. GS laugh non-stop and paiseh!!! Hahaha.. anyway, I did told her to be more careful in the future, when go out meeting guy, especially if she dunno the guy. Luckily me innocent enough *hahhaa.. must be bluffing myself*, if not I sell her off lor!!! After 3 hours chat non-stop, getting to know many things about her and family and tok kok session abit, we decide call it a day as she need to packed her stuff and travel back to KL at the same nite. GS, nice to know you and glad to know that you are able to trust me as a friend. I have fun. No worries and stay strong.

GS, shy shy pulak... ish ish...

Ok. On the same night, KT SMSed also. She want me to accompany her that night. Before that, here is some little background on KT. I know KT thru friendster. Yeah, my friendster never fail to help me to attract chicks. Kekeke... At the time, KT was still in Birmingham when I got to know her. Sweet little girl. Quite manja also though. She already cameback for a week but we still have not meet up. Hopefully we will do, keeping my fingers cross all time. Ok, she SMSed that night. Keeping me busy whole evening and night. She seems down for unknown reason. Auntie visit? Pimples? Whatever lar!!! Told her I will get back to her once the wedding dinner is over. Once reach back, took shower and SMS her checking on her whether she still awake. She was awake and ask me to call her after 5mins, but I snooze off. Mana tau, she called me at 2am in the morning. We chat for quite sometimes before tidur balik. Hahahaha....

On Sun morning, I was SMSing GS and got a sms asking who am I. After a few SMS, found out that she claimed I call her on Saturday night, which I did not. How I know?? I know lar.. abuden, my hp also did not record her number. Dunno how true is her story. Get to know she is SL. A girl in her early twenties, still doing her studies. Farney, fun and straight to the point kind of girl. Hard to entertain. For awhile hot, for awhile cold. Next thing I know her SMS replies got more shorter and simpler. Must be some crazy girl going around SMS people randomly. Ignored her after awhile. I did SMS her for drink yesterday since I was around Subang to meet up with my friend. My friend was late. But I did not got her reply. And guess what, just now she SMS me again. Maybe lonely and itchy kut?? Damn farney girl. Truly female is extraordinary and confusing species. Ok... think that is all from kkjm. Will update more if there is any progress.

p/s: Just now this evening, when out pak tor with my second wife. Totally awesomenesss. Indescribable. Raining!!! Umbrella!!! Romantic!!! Kekeke... anyway nice of her spending her time listen to my crap. Sorry that we can make it for the cendol since it is raining. Sorry LAOPO!!!

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