Friday, February 29, 2008

M.A.D. Training Day 1

Hello, folks especially to my beloved seven wives and my kukujiaoman fans!!! I think you all has been realize that I seldom write about myself and what happened around me lately. So what happen? One word to sum it all, PROCRASTINATION!!! Hahhaha!!! That's what happen. Lately I'm been busy with work and outings with friends. Yeah, I smell laziness and procrastination AGAIN!!! Damn it!!! I will blog it, I must!!! Anyway, I been busy going back to hometown for CNY, Dong Zen, Banting for jalan-jalan, Valentine's Day with special someone, Malacca with new friends and Chap Goh Mei at Taman Jaya. Details later lar...!!! LAZY, LAZY, LAZY!!!

Ok back to MAD Training. WTF is MAD Training. It stands for Make A Difference training, something my whole dept was involved. I was a bit skeptical at first but I think I did learn bits here and there about making a different in my life. In addition, the speaker or facilitator, Anas Zubedy is great and interesting guy. I mean he really shared his experiences and thoughts to connect to us. It is really important as it kept me awake for the whole class!!! Wakakka!!! Miracle??!! Anyway, to summarize what I picked during today class are

  • human are born to procrastinate as it is automated.... hahahha
  • a quote by this 4th Khalifah, dunno what his or her name jor. For each breath we take, we are one breath closer to death. Don't understand? Think harder... it is about us keeping promises and doing things on time. Damn fucking meaningful for me though.
  • first step to something is the fucking hardest thing to do, but if we overcome it, we already halfway to success
  • making changes are alway tough, as we always question ourselves, LECEH in the process and become uncomfortable in the end
  • we need stay on course on what we do no matter what
  • learn how to compartmentalize, I think I good at this... but more work need to be done under emotion category though...
BTW, this what we did in the class...

Exercise 1 - The Watch

* The basic principles of change management and undergoing the 'transition period' successfully.

Exercise 2 - Moving the Chair

* Participants realize their true potential and be achievement oriented

Exercise 3 - C.A.R (Commitment, Action and Results)

* Participants discover that commitment is the key to achieving results

Exercise 4 - Understanding the concepts of Motivation (P1, P2 & P3)

* What motivates you?

Exercise 5 - Applying P1, P2, P3

* Help participants translate the motivating forces P1 & P2 to P3 and make things happen.

Exercise 6 - Understanding the needs that motivates us and others

* Use Situational Analysis and SWOT analysis to define reality

Exercise 7 - Phases of change (the watch)

* Transform the uncontrollable push and pull into a controllable force

Oklar... time for me to travel back to my dreamland... hope this training do really change my life or should I say I hope I can change my life to become more productive one by end of this training. Hahahahah.. good night, Malaysia... and don't forget, vote wisely!!!


cc said...

First step very hard meh. Nah I *step*, and I *step* again. *bleh*~
=_= not funny at all. Anyway, I actually agree in most situation, first step is probably the hardest one.

cc said...

First step very hard meh. Nah I *step*, and I *step* again. *bleh*~
=_= not funny at all. Anyway, I actually agree in most situation, first step is probably the hardest one but I do not agree that it's half way to success.

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Hahahha!!! step here and there ar?? later step on shit baru tau!!! wakakaka!!!