Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shits Do Happen!!!

Shits do fucking happen anytime anywhere anyhow, no matter what. Life ain't so beautiful like we thought. Life. Really full of shits. And sometimes we do love the shits. Sometimes we need to clean people's shits. Unavoidable. So? What to do? This what we called life. so fucking deal with it. Hahahhaha!!! Craps and crabs. Must be my uncle around the corner. I think he planning to make a visit after I had a great time celebrating CNY. Isn't it great!!!??? Damn... I must be emotionally stressed out. Shhoooo!!! Shoooo!!! Go away, uncle. Don't come fucking visit me just after CNY or better still don't fucking come anymore. Really really wished he left me alone. Does wishing hard help? I fucking doubt it. Yeah... fucked LIFE for sure or maybe I should fucking hell fucked some chicks while at it. :)

I want to be stronger. We all have a walk in life. And I'm damn sure I'm walking my walk. We have hard and difficult times and going through that chaos often leads to clarity. I think I really must have that room and that space, that privacy time, to be able to walk my fucking walk, make my fucking mistakes and come out of of the hell shit hole. Stand tall when I fell and able to climb myself out of it. It will make me stronger. HELL YEAH!!! I FUCKING LOVE MY LIFE!!!


cc said...

Yea freaking crap! @#$@%Q$%@@#%

joyce said...

I think your favourite word is F***!!! Muahahaha..