Saturday, February 02, 2008

Nightout With FRIENDS to Meet the Spartans

WORK WORK WORK!!! This blaaaardy word seem lingers around me for a freaking week. With a new FUCKING system to play with and work on, my work life ain't a Disneyland. Thank god, I had a breakaway spending with special one and beloved friends. Yeah, HHJHTM, my beloved second wife and little Angelynn!!! No doubt, they do light up my weekdays and kept me talking craps to entertain them. Hahahaha... another very very close group of friends. Another close friends will be the one down abit, Seremban friends. Talking about them, will be going down there to visit them!!! Can't wait!!! PL and J won't be around as often they used as one balik CHINA and another go Singapore to work. Gonna miss them.
Been ages I have not sit down and mingle around with HHJHTM and the rest of the gang. So last Thursday, we had a simple dinner at SS2 Wai Sek Kai. Too bad little Angelynn can't make coz she need to send her Mum to see doctor. Hope her Mum is alright. Anyway, we did had quite lot a fun, catching up about each others. Gossips. Talking cock. BLOW WATER, my second wife's favorite. Some COLD JOKES!!! Hahahaha... although, second wife wasn't feeling so well at that time, glad that she make it back safely back home. MUckkksss... love you gals...

Then comes Friday night out, HHJHTM can't make as she going to Jagoya for supper on her dept expense!!! Cool or not!!! Damn it!!! And I was dilemma to watch either Meet the Spartans or Rambo 4. I know both also lame movie. But lucky, we have little Angelynn blamed for coz she chooses Meet the Spartans. She can't stand the gory stuff. So it is a no no for Rambo 4. We gather at Kim Gary for dinner and both girls started to camwhoring while waiting for the foods and guys to arrived!!! *fainted* And guess what!!! No doubt it is damn lamest movie but it do tickle my laughing bones. Especially the Grand Theft Auto scene. Freaking hilariously and full of stupidity!!!!


After the movie, when reaching home to have my sleeping beauty sleep for today trip down to Seremban. Surprise surprise!!! At last, my CNY card from pet sister, MeiLing has arrived!!! Hahahha!!! My first and maybe my only CNY card!!! So you folks and my kukujiaoman fans, you all know what to do!!! Flood me with your wishes and CNY cards!!! Kekekeke!!! MUCKSSSSS!!! Thanks, MeiLing jie!!! I'm really touch and glad I know you although we have not meet!!! My next mission is to meet up with you!!! Kekekeke!!! Mmmmhhh... how I meet her?? Thru friendster lor.. it seems she is Foong's friend who is my second wife's friend who is my beloved second wife lor!!! *bluek* Check out below what she wrote to me. Really sweet!!! Yummilicous!!! Thank you again!!!


Hello, it's me. Awaiting for my card? Hey, do you know that you are the 1st Friendster to receive my CNY card? Look, you are so lucky!

Here, I sending you all my best wishes. Wishing you a happy and prosperous "Rat" Year ahead and a special word "WIN" for you. Hope you will win in everything ... Career, Love... Family... WIN, WIN, WIN...

Mei Ling
2008 Rat Year

Hahahaha... MeiLing jie!!! Yes, I have been waiting for your CNY and you did not broke your promise!!! I'm so happy I'm the first one and lucky too!!! And me also wishes you and your family a special word too "FATT" (rich) in everything. Love. Career. Family. Friends. So when rich jor, please don't forget me lor!!! Hahahhaha!!! Happy Chinese New Year!!! Mucksss....!!!




Messy Daisy said...

Hey! I missed out another fun night with you guys. Jogoya wasnt that great. No free flow champagne and wine as expected, only cocktails. Well Food was just so-so, but its a great experience lar, else normally cannot afford, right? Im glad we met up on Thursday nite too. Feels like it has been ages since all come out together and talk crap like that! Love you guys too!

cc said...

I also like to blow kisses. wahaha. meimei no worries let's go watch 'jumper' togeter next.
Gosh, cny card for real. Good wor. I also got one from my beloved sc. hehe.

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

md: no worries.. there is always tomorrow one!! kekeke.. at least u try before jogoya mah....

cc: Lol... you and your BLOW!!! Please blow me?? Wakakaka...