Thursday, February 21, 2008

Edison Chen Had PHOTOS of Not Only Starlets but Also Wives of Rich Hong Kong Businessmen

Hong Kong better prepare it self for what might be the most shocking photos in the Edison Chen sex scandal.

Just when you thought the Edison Chen photo sex scandal could not get any worse, new shocking reports just hit the fan. Some newspapers are reporting that Edison's "interesting" photo collection didn't only contain pictures of nude Hong Kong actresses and singers like Gillian Chung and Cecilia Cheung but also the wives and daughters of predominant businessmen and members of Hong Kong's elite society.

It is true that Edison certainly has had his way with many women over the years being a leading man in HK movie scene but if this is true, his career is dead. Five companies have apparently canceled their contracts with Edison and he may also face lawsuits for violating the terms of contracts. It is reported that Edison has been blacklisted in Hong Kong entertainment industry.

The idea that Edison Chen had secret sexual affairs with the wives of rich and powerful men other than Cecilia Cheung is putting the HK elites in a panic. Out of the 1300 "Kira" reported having, only about 460 have been leaked so far.

Edison was undoubtedly a “playboy” in his own league and once wagered with a director that he had nude photos of female starlets. The director didn’t believed him and in the end lost 100 thousand HK dollars to Edison.

There is trouble too for Cecilia Cheung, with rumours Nicholas Tse has discovered she cheated on him after they got married and he wants a DNA test for their son Lucas. Meanwhile Police in Shenzhen have arrested 10 people for producing and selling CDs of the images. People in Hong Kong are not permitted to possess images relating to the Edison Chen photo sex scandal.

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