Thursday, July 03, 2008

Went Out Dating with iluvtina... Just Mellow!!!

Last Saturday was a lazy and slow day. CM busy with her new office relocation, ignoring me!!! Wakakaka!!! Surprise, surprise iluvtina msned me, asking me for lunch for old time sake. BTW, I was really surprised when she told me she is renting a small room at TTDI. Just for RM50!!! Yeah, just fifty bucks including electricity and water. WTF!!! Anyway, she told me she need her own space. That's why she shifted. Totally agree with her. Sometimes we need to be alone. Just be with ourselves. Just me and me!!! Take some time off to recollect myself and ponder on some freaking unnecessary!!! Struggle to live... Live to struggle!!! So which is which??

Met up with her at IKANO. Still the same old iluvtina. Sweet and crazywhacko girl!!! Or should I say WOMAN?? Hahahaa!!! We move around in IKANO, getting her stuffs before headed to O'Brien something to munch and drink. It was fun. Sambil smoking sambil talk cocking...!!!! Hahaha!!! Shit her for offering me ciggies!!! Wakakaka... anyway, glad to know she found someone. Remember she was whining to me when we attend CK's house warming. Whining about the ladies in our gang has someone to be with. But not her. In my opinion, maybe it just not our time. At that time, I also single mah. Got intention to become a monk. A hamsup monk who like to eat meat!!! Wakakaka!!! Fucked and screwed monk, I believe. *winked*

Overall, it was a great lazy afternoon spending time with her. Really missed the old time when we were teenagers. Just mellow. Sweet memories. Glad that I met up with her and know she how doing now!!! So how is her?? Mmmmhhh... long story short... both of our work life is totally screwed and FUCKED UP!!! Just FUCKED UP!!! With same old shits, just different smells. CRAP!!! Wakakaka.....

WALLeeeeeeeeeee!!! Spotted at Sunway...

Met Phat Fabes and Ben at Cineleisure... hey, Ben is quite tall... surprise surprise!!!

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