Monday, July 21, 2008

Bye Bye Miss Sally Lim!!!

Goodbye Miss Sally Lim!!! We gonna MISS you!!! Not sure whether I'm sad or envy her more!!! Damn it!!! Miss SL is retiring after 35 years!!! I wished I also gonna retired from this FUCKING modern globalization of slavery that is killing me slowly!!! Ok, let don't get emotional on that!!! We had her farewell lunch at Ole Ole Bali in Sunway Pyramid!!! The food is totally awesome but a bit pricey. Boss's face like "sei lo mou" (direct translate die mother!!!) when he found out there is no set lunch available!!! Wakakaka!!! *bluek* Anyway, I gonna miss you, Sally a.k.a. my stepmom in SkalaBebas!!! Will remember you!!! And BTW, please remember my big ANG POW as you promise when I getting married okay?? Don't pretend to forget!!! Wakakakakka!!!

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