Monday, July 14, 2008

Heroes : VILLAINS Season Three spoilers

From the report posted at these were the highlights:

Nathan Petrelli is apparently dead. We see him rushed to hospital, where resuscitation attempts fail. “There was nothing we could do,” a doctor tells the family.

Looks like Elle (Kristen Bell) is going to be spending a bit of time sparring with Sylar this season.

Angela Petrelli introduces us to “Level 5″, a housing place for the most dangerous criminals in the world - rapists, arsonists, killers. Presumably this is where the band of Villains escape from.

Matt Parkman is alone in the middle of a desert screaming for help.

New Villain ‘The Speedster’ steals something from Hiro and quips, “Gotta run.”

Is Sylar in league with Angela Petrelli? In one short clip he is seen approaching her from behind and placing his hands on her shoulders.

Linderman is back with a prophecy of doom. “The second coming is at hand,” he warns.

And, perhaps the most shocking tease of all: a big bald man, incarcerated in Level 5, shouts: “I’m not who you think I am. I’m Peter Petrelli…”

The third season of Heroes will play out on BBC Two and BBC Three (and BBC HD) from the end of September, with a delay of just eight days on the original US broadcast. The season will comprise two “volumes”, each containing 13 and 12 episodes respectively.

In other Heroes news:

An artistic African with special abilities is to join Heroes during the upcoming third season.

The Riches actor Ntare Mwine has been cast as the new character, who is said to be close to many of the established heroes and will develop his own abilities in a nine-episode arc.


Messy D said...

If i am married to Peter Petrelli, my name would be Angela Petrelli. :)

k u k u j i o a m a n said...

Hahahaha!!! Fak hao ar? So what superpower will you have?