Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Pot Story...

When the pot is new, brand new, all shiny & smooth... and just from the supermarket.. It's beauty! But and what made you choose that pot to bring home with you? what was the first thing that made you look its way? - Physical attraction/curiosity

You read the labels, measure the size, and then u THINK that it is suitable for your needs and uses. So you decided to give it a try. That's why you bought it. - To understand it's capabilities or, to know more about it's capabilities

You bring it home, wash it, clean it, dry it, then you try it (by cooking & boiling water) - Testing it's abilities

You find that it works like a charm, and to your standards, it amuses you and pleases you. And you are beginning to like it. - Courtesy, a feeling of affection, start of a relationship

You use the pot frequently, making delicious stews and soups to please both yourself and your associates. You rely on it as much as it relies on you to clean it after use. You too grow closer - Love blossoms, aishiteru!

Every time you use it, it makes you happy for the delicious foods it prepared for you within its bowels. - Happiness, joy

And every time you have to wash it later, scrub it up with soap, rinse it with water, then wipe it dry or leave it to dry on the window sill. - Mutual understanding, respect, & need

The days goes by... and there is not a single time you have not been happy with the results shown by your pot. And is very happy that you chose the right pot that time. - Satisfaction, joy

Now from here on, anything can happen:

When you're done using the pot, washed it and leaving it to dry on the window sill... it might get stolen. Because of your lack of attention towards it, you may have let your guard down or left the pot unattended for too long. In turn the thief leaves you a green hat for the pot. - Isolation, separation

But alas, the recipes that requires a pot are somewhat limited... and thus another cooking utensil is introduced, the frying pan. - Doubt, suspicion, & the presence of a third-party

Seemingly attached to the new frying pan, you seldom use the pot anymore... and it lays forgotten in the cupboard... for the rats to make their nest in, the pot never ceasing with its usefulness, becomes another treasure. - Confrontation, decomposition/isolation, separation

Or, you suddenly realize that the pot give you a much more healthy diet, and thus you store your frying pan away, and resume the delicious days of pot stews and chicken soups with the pot. Happily ever after. - Realization, appreciation, and to start anew

Or, if you use the pot, but is always careless with it, dropping it, hitting it, forgetting the switch of the fire for boiling the water, washing it, rinsed it, left it to dry, and forgot to take it back in until it's too late. Irremovable stains, rusts and dents may appear on the pot. rendering it unfit for use in a short time and so you are forced to throw the pot away. - Insufficient care, negligent, waste of useful product by THROWing the POT.

Or, you have always liked it, and the recipes that you can perform with it never ends, and since u like healthy foods more, you appreciate the pot even more, and promises to take care of it with the most care, love, & attention you can muster for it. Happily every after. - Fairy tale ending

But here is something that is always true. if you find that the pot no longer pleases you, and it's taking up space, here is no need for it to be in your kitchen. And since the longer it's there the more likely it becomes a nest for rodents, and the lack of space causing you pain & frustration. You must either let it up for a yard sale, give it to somebody, or just... throw it away?

**note : there's a few local slangs here.. :
Throw pot : in cantonese "daeng pou" literally translates to 'throw pot', meaning to break up.
green hat : something like kena spanar by someone.

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