Sunday, March 01, 2009

Brides Anyone...??? Vietnamese Speciality...

According to Professor Chyong-fang Ko from the Taiwanese Central Research Institute, Vietnamese brides account for 35% of 338,000 foreign brides in Taiwan, or around 118,300 women, mainly from the south of Vietnam.

Women like Huynh Mai are the victims of a practice that is fast becoming more popular. According to the Korean Statistics Office, the total number of Vietnamese brides married to Korean men nearly doubled to 10,131 in 2006 from 5,822 in 2005. In an interview with The Yale Globalist, social worker Bui Van Anh from the province of Ben Tre said, "In some villages here, almost everyone has family members or knows someone who is married to foreign men."

Vietnamese Mail Order Bride #1 (Taiwan)

Vietnamese Mail Order Bride #2 (Singapore)

Internet is so powerful till can buy brides.. What have our world become and what will our children become in the future...

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