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Does Size Really Matter?

In male society, generally speaking, great emphasis is placed on the size of a man's penis. In male to male relationships, penis size is often equated with power, prowess, and ability. In fact, there is much truth to this. A very large penis indicates a superabundance of Yang energy, which is certainly useful on the battle field, for hunting, and other strictly male pursuits.

However, in relationships with women, penis size is practically irrelevant. Much more important is that a man's penis should 'fit' the woman's vagina.

There are, in fact, three different 'sizes' if you will, to be aware of. A woman may have a shallow Vagina, a medium sized one, or a deep Vagina. It is extremely important that the man's penis is the right size. A large penis needs a deep vagina and may even be damaging for a woman with a shallow Vagina. On the other hand a shorter penis will have trouble satisfying a deep Vagina. Fortunately, most of us are in the 'medium' range.

From a healing perspective this 'fitting' is very important. Taoist healing art divides the penis and vagina into areas that correspond to the major organs of the body. This is common in all Chinese medical practices. Areas of the eye, the tongue, the ears, etc., all correspond to the 5 major organs.

In sexual magic, the very tip of the penis corresponds to the heart. The tip of the tongue, by the way also corresponds to the heart.

In the Vagina the order is reversed. That is the Heart area is located within the Vagina around the Cervix. This means that when the penis is inserted fully the Heart areas of each partner lines up. This 'heart to heart' alignment is very important.

The other organs are represented like this; Lungs - around the head of the penis excluding the tip. Spleen/Stomach - along the shaft towards the head; Liver - along the shaft closer to the base; and Kidneys - at the base of the penis.

The Vagina, as mentioned, is lined up in reverse. In a woman, the Kidney area is close to the opening of the Vagina. The Kidney areas then are lined up at full penetration and the other organs as well. In sexual intercourse then, with each thrust, the organs of each partner are stimulated and fortified. This makes not only for healing, but for full body involvement in the activity.

If these areas then, do not line up exactly, an imbalance is created and sex can actually be harmful to the participants.

So how does one know if a potential partner is a good fit? Apart from taking a test drive, so to speak, certain physical features may be good indicaters.

The ideal penis is mushroom shaped and somewhere between 5" & 7" long. The shape and length of a man's thumb is often a good indicator of this. A man with mushroom shaped thumb will have a mushroom shaped penis. A man with pencil shaped thumb will have a similar penis.

A man with a shorter penis will need a woman with a shallow Vagina.

Do not worry if you do not fall into this range as there are exercises one can do to change both the shape and length.

The Five Virtues of the Penis

According to Taoist philosophy, the penis is completely Yang in nature, as the Vagina is completely Yin in nature. It is only when the two are together that there is true balance.

The penis has 5 virtues.

1. The penis is Kind. It exists mainly as a tool for servicing the woman, and in this it keeps on giving and giving.

2. The penis is Righteous. It is not selfish. It performs its duty, yet it is empty on the inside, a hollow tube, with nothing of its own.

3. The penis is Courteous. It is polite. It advances or retreats at the right time. It is hard or soft at the right time. It is shaped neither squarely, nor is it pointed or sharp edged. It will neither hurt nor show lack of discipline.

4. The penis is Wise. It knows how to find a way to please the woman, and it will do whatever is in its power to satisfy her.

5. The penis is Honest. It will keep labouring until it completes its duty. If it cannot fulfill its duty it gives up completely. It is completely honest. If it likes you it stands up straight. If it does not it becomes indifferent.

How Big is He?

Facial characteristics will often indicate penis length.

A long nose, and fingers indicates a long penis. Short nose and short fingers indicates a short penis.

A medium sized penis is indicated by a combination of short and long.

If the tip of the nose is fat, the penis is fat.

Thick lips means a thick penis.

Thin lips means a thin penis.

A mushroom shaped thumb means a mushroom shaped penis. A pencil shaped thumb means a pencil shaped penis.

Is She a Good Fit?

If a woman has a small mouth and short fingers she will have a small, short Vagina. A good fit for a short penis and not recommended for a large penis.

If she has big, thick lips, her Vagina is will be wide and thick.

If she has deep set eyes, her Vagina will be deep. Taoist Sexual Position - Woman on Top

A woman with 'skinny' eyelids, will have a deep Vagina.

A woman with thick fleshy eyelids will have a short Vagina.

A Woman with bulging eyes, will have a very short Vagina. A woman with such a short Vagina is wise to avoid a man with a large penis as during intercourse his penis will penetrate the Cervix which can be quite harmful.

A woman who is nearsighted will have a deep Vagina. The more near sighted she is the deeper the Vagina.

A woman with big watery eyes, will have a big watery Vagina. Again, the bigger the eyes, the bigger the Vagina. This woman will find a man with a shorter penis unsatisfying.

A woman with a wide mouth and thin lips will have a narrow and deep Vagina.

Puckered, protruding lips or protruding bone structure indicate an elastic Vagina. It could be big or small, but it will be very wet, warm, and soft. It also vibrates and trembles and is often referred to as a 'talking Vagina.'

A woman who is tough and emotionless will have a hard, dry Vagina.

A woman with narrow cheeks and jaws, will have a small, crooked Vagina. If it is only slightly curved this is not a problem. However, if the curve is significant, she will need a long narrow penis.

If a woman has a narrow forhead and flat nose, she will have a short, wide vagina.

If she has protruding cheek bones, she will have a very deep Vagina and a strong sexual desire. This is not considered all that desireable as her desire potentially will consume or devour her partner.

If a woman has a dimple, she has a very short Vagina.

What Do We Have In Common?

Lines at the corners of the eyes indicate the person has a strong sexual inclination and is very approachable. A person with no lines at the corners of the eyes have little or no sexual urge.

Deep lines at the mouth indicate strong sexual urge.

A long powerful chin indicates strong sexual urge.

Of course, there are many modifying factors to be aware of, but these characteristic indicate natural tendencies.

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