Friday, August 15, 2008

Is This A Sex Request???

Hello, folks especially to my kukujiaoman fans!!! Long time no see... Kekekekek!!! Anyway, this morning I was shocked and happy!!! Why?? Let me tell you, early early this morning, my beloved second wife, CC, msned me saying she miss me and asking me to be more cheerful... Surprise suprise!!! I was dumbfucked for a moment. Then she forwarded email with the above picture attached... Is she requested for a sex escapade or she asking me to slim down?? *bluek* Back to work... no more dirty thinking!!! BTW, CC, I will also gonna miss you too... Hahahahhaa!!! :P

1 comment:

cc said...

hahaha, very funny isn't it. Made me LOL in the morning.