Monday, May 05, 2008


That’s right! Here is a few updates on HEROES SEASON 3 SPOILERS from ‘Insiders’ and, as good measure, a couple of new spoilers from TvGuide and E!online....


When Season 3 starts we’ll see:

Noah Bennett
Currently incarcerated and at the bottom of Level Five in the company facility. Jack Coleman: “I think there may be an escape in the offing, but at a cost.” Surprisingly, Noah might not be considered one of the villains at the forefront of the upcoming season. Jack Coleman: “I think I’m probably more likely to be hunting them.”

Firmly planted in Yakamoto Industries .
Hiro’s more the guy who starts out wealthy and comfortable and is very unhappy taking over his father’s business and needs the quest. That’s his destiny.

Trying to use what she has for a greater good rather than just blend in and be anonymous.

Not as mild-mannered as he once was

Look for a new villain named Joy. Her power is super-speed—she’s lightning-fast, like the Flash. Hiro meets her in a museum. He asks her if she has powers and if she is trying to steal some art. She convinces him she’s on the up-and-up…and then makes off with a bunch of paintings. She’s described as a nymph-like character with the speed of a cheetah on, er, speed.

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